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Indo Dutch

  The Dutch Indian based production house bringing the Dutch flavour to India. 
Our offices are based in our home country The Netherlands, Europe and India. 
This means that we have a global selection of locations and artists. 

India is a land of diversified geography. From mountains to deserts, snow to sand, forests to barren lands, salt pans to amazing beaches, backwaters to rain forests. 
With so much to see in one country, imagine the scale at which we can take our production values when we shoot at such diversified locations. We at Global Tara Entertainment help you find the right location for your shoot and takes care of the necessary arrangements like paperwork, food, stay, crew, second unit, etc.

Take advantage of the unique locations and film productions The Netherlands, Europe and Asia has to offer.
We have a Global presence, a huge network with realiable international production contacts.
The place to be for all facets of Film making.
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